Master Models

Master models must be accurate with crisp detail of landmarks, no voids and distortion free. The lab will examine and contact you to discuss any discrepancies. Please trim the models, if possible, as excessive stone left on models will be subject to a charge. Impression material with memory can be sent and our lab will be happy to pour the model.

Bite Registrations

Base plates and bite rims are provided by the lab if requested. If we use your plates and rims it saves you time and money. Please mark and identify on the rim high lip line, incisal edge of anteriors, occlusal plane and midline.

Articulation and Set-ups

Most of our cases are mounted on Apex 2 hinge and semi-adjustable articulators. Full dentures are usually set up in class I with 1mm O.B.O.J. Posteriors are set over the ridge and two thirds up on the retro-molar pad, following the plane of occlusion. Per your instructions, cases can be set in Class II, III, Linear Non-Interceptive and Cross-Bite.

A revolutionary technique which increases the lbs. per square inch of biting pressure is achieved by setting the maxillary lingual contact posteriors to the mandibular monoplane posteriors. This maximizes chewing efficiency with greater cutting edges, offers wider sluiceways for food to escape and balances easier. Ivoclar and Heraeus Kulzer teeth perform best for this set-up.


A set-up with waxed borders and base plate that can be easily removed from the model will be sent to your office. Necessary changes can be done at this stage such as vertical dimension, midline, esthetics, arrangement of teeth, new bite, etc. Return for processing or a second try-in.


Try-ins are luted back on the models with necessary changes if instructed. Dentures are invested in Hanau brass flasks, placed in 212° water bath to remove the wax. After cooling, the dentures are either dough packed or injected with Lucitone 199 or Vynacron Hi-Impact acrylic. Curing temperatures and times are 165° for 60 minutes then 212° for 30 minutes. Flasks are slowly cooled and deflasked with an air chisel.


Dentures will be finished to your specifications when indicated. Custom dentures will be enhanced with festooning and stippling. Rugae and palatal relief will be added upon request.

Thanks for all the great denture work you have done for us!

Dr. Cobb DMD - Flordia