"Thanks for all the great denture work you have done for us!"

- Dr. Cobb DMD - Flordia

Dear Denture Crafters,

I want to thank you for the last five years of great lab service. Your technique to detail has given my dementia patients the ability to wear their dentures and partials. I am serious in saying this, that without your labs great work, my practice for skilled nursing care facility dentistry would be compromised.

- Dr. Patrik D. Goss, DDS Colorado


Thanks Denture Crafters -- You sure do good work!

- Dr. Gerald P. Rampton, DMD- Nevada


Denture Crafters,

We thankfully acknowledge you for volunteering with the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program, a humanitarian service for the disabled, elderly, and medically compromised people. The inherent dignity of every person is reflected through a happy and healthy smile.

- The State of Missouri and The Missouri Dental Association