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One Day Service  
Add S.S. Clasps Partial  
Add S.S. Mesh In Full  
Add S.S. Mesh In Partial  
Base Plate Full  
Base Plate w/rim - Full  
Base Plate w/rim - Partial  
Bleaching Tray  
Cast Clasps - Partial  
Cast Frame Only  
Cast gold crown - Full  
Cast gold crown - Partial  
Cast Metal Palate  
Cast Swing Lock Partial  
Custom Porc. Teeth Ant.  
Custom Porc Teeth Post.  
Custom Cast Partial A  
Custom Cast Partial AP  
Custom Cast Partial P  
Custom Full Denture  
Custom IPN Teeth Ant/Post  
Custom IPN Teeth Post  
Custom Porcelin Teeth Ant/Post  
Custom Finish  
Custom Tray Full  
Custom Tray Partial  
Each Additional Tooth Full  
Each Additional Tooth Partial  
Economy Full Denture w/Dr. Teeth  
Economy Full Denture  
Economy Acrylic Partial  
Economy Cast Partial /Dr. Frame  
Economy Cast Partial  
Embedded Cast Frame / Partial  
Gasket Clasps  
Gold Cast Frame  
Gold Crown  
Gold Onlay  
Hidden Clasps  
Hinge DE  
I.D. In Denture  
IPN Anterior Teeth  
IPN Posterior Teeth  
Lingual Reinforce Mesh  
Lucitone 199  
Kenson Teeth Posterior  
Kenson Teeth Anterior  
Metal Dummy  
Metal Onlay  
Night Guard Hard - Full  
Night Guard Soft - Full  
Permanant Soft Line  
Porcelain Anterior Teeth  
Porcelain Posterior Teeth  
Postage COD  
Postage Overnight  
Pour Up Model - Full  
Pour Up Model - Partial  
Process and Finish Only  
Rebase - Full  
Rebase - Partial  
Reline - Full  
Repair Fracture - Full  
Repair Fracture - Partial  
Repair Single Tooth  
Repair Tooth Each Additional  
Reset 1x14  
Reset - Partial  
Return on Model  
Setup 1x14  
Setup - Partial  
Single Tooth Flipper  
Split Cast  
Steel Facings  
Surgical Splint - Full  
Surgical Splint - Partial  
Try In - Full  
Try In - Partial  
Tube Tooth  
Unilateral - Partial  
Valplast - Partial  
Wax Rim - Partial  
Wax Up - 1x14  
Wax Up - Partial  
Weld Mesh - Partial